Young Lions

  You could be a Fighting Lion

Young Lions is a group designed to go above and beyond the call of the union. It is an activist group that will help in areas that lead to a brighter future, that "Bold Future" of tomorrow. The Young Lions will teach you leadership skills, set forth a plan to train you in the facets of organizing, servicing, and general knowledge of our Industry. We may have you assist in future campaigns, pickets, hand billing, and other tactics associated in strategy driven assignments. These will be the skills that will possible lead you to becoming a Business Representative or an Organizing Representative. It will be participation in groups like this that we hope to make a difference in the fight for Union Density.Young Lions slogan is  " The leaders of tomorrow, learning to lead today"

DC91 seeks motivated apprentices, Journeyman, Delegates from any craft in the IUPAT. The only thing we require is you are under 35 years of age, an active member, ambitious, and you can achieve the unachievable. I know you can we have been for years. The IUPAT has fought above its weight class the entire fight........

What is a Campaign ?

1. A plan that brings pressure to bear on contractors with escalating activities on multiple fronts.

What goes on in a campaign?

a.)  Picket Lines 

b.)  Hand Billing

c.)  Light Bannering

d.)  Surveillance

e.)  Bottom Up/Top Down Organizing

 f.) ULP (Unfair Labor Practice)

Please contact us get involved, get informed, get IUPAT !!!  Randy Jones (317) 435-9629

"The Leaders of Tomorrow, Learning to Lead Today"

Contact Us: The IUPAT The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades

District Council 91. Randy Jones (317)435-9629 Email [email protected]

Things you can Learn :

What can I do for my Union? What can my Union do for me?

We have training available in the FTI (Finishing Trades Institute) Journeyperson upgrade classes, safety, CAS Certification, electives, enrolling in these types of training classes you become more marketable in your industry.

WE also offer :

CSE (Common Sense Economics)

Comet classes

We have access to monthly organizing classes the 1st Wednesday of the month

Organizing Boot Camps

Remember : 3 things make a career

1.) Livable wages

2.) Health Insurance

3.) Retirement/Pension

Remove one of these its just a job......

Young Lions is a Mentoring Program